Things To Remember When Dealing With Yeast Infection

You might not plan to get a yeast infection but it happens anyway. If you do not know how to properly deal with a yeast infection, you can quickly become frustrated and upset. It is therefore important to note that there are many ways in which yeast infections can be effectively dealt with. Continue reading the following article for advise on yeast infections.

If you tend to develop chronic yeast infections, look into the kinds of bath products you are using. Avoid any soap or cleanser that contain dyes or fragrance. These products can upset the natural pH of the vagina and provide a friendly environment for yeast to grow. You ought to just use products that are mild and hypoallergenic.

Wear panties made of cotton. Synthetic panties are comfortable, but they can lead to yeast infections. Cotton panties allow air circulation, and your vagina needs to be able to breathe. That can stop a yeast infection dead in its tracks.

Things that are scented or caustic should be avoided. Douches and body scrubs should not be used. The delicate vaginal tissues can become irritated and inflamed by many of these products and interfere with natural lubrication. You are more likely to get a yeast infection this way. Try to stick with only products that are mild and designed to be used on that area of the body.

Yeast Infections

Garlic and yogurt are valuable foods that help eliminate yeast infections. Garlic can be effective at preventing or retarding yeast infections. You should be able to find odorless garlic pills in your pharmacy or health center. Yogurt contains acidophilus, and this helps keep the flora in your nether regions balanced and healthy.

A great natural remedy is tea tree oil. It is helpful in killing the yeast. Mix the tea tree oil with some sweet almond oil. Then, put it right on the vagina. Do make sure to mix tea tree oil with at least one other ingredient, because by itself it can cause burning and discomfort. This works to battle infection and bring back proper pH balance.

Get plenty of sleep. You need a healthy immune system to fight off all infections. On the other hand, lack of sleep can compromise your immune system so you will be more susceptible to developing an infection. Make a sleep schedule, and stay away from caffeine or exercise right before bed.

Yeast Infections

Yogurt is very effective when consumed to fight yeast infections. Certain bacteria found in yogurt can help fight organisms that cause yeast infections. Eating yogurt is not a cure to yeast infections though. Once you have a yeast infection, eating yogurt does not relieve your infection.

Avoid scented or perfumed hygiene products for the vagina. These chemicals can dry out your vagina and disrupt balance. They can also cause an itchy sensation in your vagina. It also provides a perfect environment for yeast growth. Choose unscented options, and discontinue the use of any product that causes burning or discomfort.

Douches actually cause yeast infections. While your vagina does need to be clean, a douche is not the way to do it. Douching disrupts the equilibrium internally in your vagina. When vaginal bacteria is unbalanced, you are more susceptible to yeast infections.

Increase your yeast infection prevention if you are taking antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your system, and this can lead to yeast infections. You need this natural bacteria in order to fight off yeast infections.

You don’t ask for a yeast infection, and yet it shows up. It is never something that you plan on having or dealing with. However, you can deal with it. Use the tips and advice you learned here to prevent yeast infections in the future.

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